Split String - GTM Variable (Server)

Split String – GTM Template (Server)

Variable for Google Tag Manager Server-side (SGTM) for splitting a string. You can split by first, last or Nth occurrence. Result can be the split result itself, complete string or limited string returned. This Template is available…

Hotjar Event Tag - Google Tag Manager Template (Web)

Hotjar Event – GTM Template (Web)

Hotjar Event is a Tag Template for Google Tag Manager (Web). This Template makes it’s possible to analyze Hotjar Events in Hotjar. This Template is available in the Google Tag Manager Template Gallery. Full documentation of the Template can…

Block Duplicate Transactions – GTM Template (Server)

This Variable for Google Tag Manager Server-side (SGTM) makes it possible to Block Duplicate Ecommerce Transactions from being sent to your analytics/marketing tools. How the Variable Works Incoming transaction_id will be checked against earlier transaction id’s from the user stored in a cookie….