Google Analytics Campaign URL builder with Short URL and Twitter posting

Google Analytics Campaign URL Tool with Short URL, QR Codes, Excel export and Twitter postingOne of the biggest problems with online marketing campaigns are that the campaigns are not tracked as campaigns. If you do not track your campaigns, you will not know how efficient they are.

Another reason for bad campaign data are that the marketers are creating infunctional campaign URLs because they don't know much about URLs.

In my humble opinion, the Google Analytics tool builder isn't the best tool in the world for creating campaign URLs. Because of this I have created what I humbly believe can be an easier and more time saving solution to create Google Analytics Campaign URLs.

This tool supports

  • Excel: Export Campaign URLs to Excel to build larger campaigns easier
  • Short URLs: Create short URLs with and
  • Twitter: Post shortened URL to Twitter
  • QR Codes: Create QR Codes of shortened URLs

Installing the Campaign URL builder

  1. Make sure the "Bookmarks Toolbar/Links Toolbar" is visible. If it is not, go to menu View > Toolbars (or something similar, depending on your browser type).
  2. Drag this link: Google Analytics URL builder up to your Bookmarks Toolbar. Alternatively, right click on the link and save to bookmarks.

You are now ready to create campaign URLs, shorten the campaign URL (and share it on Twitter), or export the Campaign URL to Excel.

How to use the Google Analytics Campaign URL builder

Visit your site campaign landing page, click on the Google Analytics URL builder link, and a page looking like the image above will load in front of your page.

Creating the campaign URL

QR Code Generator for Google Analytics Campaign URL Tool The URL field will be automatically filled out with the URL to your landing page. The Source, Medium and Campaign field are prefilled for a Twitter campaign, and the final Campaign URL is created on the fly. This means that if you are changing some of the values in the different fields, the Campaign URL is automatically updated.

One problem I have experienced with people not very familiar with URLs are that they sometimes uses several ? (question marks) when they create campaing URLs. This tool adresses that particular problem.

Exampel of incorrect URL:

One URL should only contain one question mark, if not the URL will/may break, and therefore this tool handles this automatically.

Exporting Campaign URLs to Excel

Sometimes it can be more handy to work with your campaign URLs in Excel, for exampel if your campaign includes several sources.

Google Analytics Campaign URL Tool - Excel

Choose your Microsoft Office language (the tool supports English and Norwegian), and click the Excel button. The Excel spreadsheet created makes it easy to continue to build your campaign, since it is pre-programmed with an Excel formula.

The Excel spreadsheet and the Excel formula is inspired by The Link Tagging Tool (Google Docs tool) from Epikone.

Creating Short URLs with or

If you click the Shorten button, you can shorten your Campaign URL using the URL shortener from or

If you want to shorten a URL without the Google Analytics campaign variables, just delete the value in the Source field. All the campaign variables will then be automatically removed.

By clicking the Tweet button you can share your shortended URL on Twitter.

Creating short URLs with

If you want to use, you will have to register and get your API key. Then do the following:

  1. Copy your API key.
  2. Choose from the URL shortener drop down menu.
  3. Paste your API key into the API text field and your username into the username field.
  4. If you click the Save button, your username and API key will be saved into a cookie on your computer, so you don't have to enter this information the next time you uses my Google Analytics URL tool.
  5. Click the Shorten button, and your short URL will be created from the URL in the Campaign URL field. The Short URL created will be visible in the Short URL text field.

Creating short URLs with

The URL shortening integration is not 100 % perfect yet, but I have despite of this launched this option.

If you want to get the shortened URLs listed in your Google Account on the domain, then you have to do the following:

  1. Click the Authorize Access link. The tool is using OAuth-verification.
  2. Allow access to this application if you are logged in to your Google account. This tool will then be granted access for 1 hour.
    • If you don't allow access you can still shorten URLs with this tool, but the URLs will not be listed in your Google account.
  3. After you have granted access you will be redirected back to the tool, and the Authorization Token field should automatically be filled out. If the field is still empty, click on the Authorize Accces link again.
  4. If the URL you are going to shorten is missing from the Campaign URL Field after you have been redirected back from the authorization process, just set your cursor in one of the other fields and press for example space (and then delete the space again) or edit one of the campaign parameters.
  5. Click the Shorten button, and your short URL will be created from the URL in the Campaign URL field. The Short URL created will be visible in the Short URL text field.

Things to be aware of

  1. Browsers: The tool should work well in different browsers, but I have experienced some problems with Internet Explorer 6. This is related to the Zero Clipboard Copy function.
  2. Pop-up blockers: Some pop-up blockers (for exampel the pop-up blocker in Google Toolbar) may prevent the tool from loading. If this happens, allow pop-ups from this domain.
  3. Export to Excel: You may see a warning when you try to open the Excel spreadsheet. This happens because I'm forcing a HTML page to act like a Excel spreadsheet. It is totally safe to open the Excel spreadsheet created.
  4. URL shortening: For some reason some times is creating 3 different shortened URLs when you shorten the URL with this tool. I'm working on a fix to this.


  • 05.08.2011: Support for Campaign Term added to the tool. If you are a previous user, please drag the new link:
    Google Analytics URL builder
    up to your Bookmarks Toolbar.
  • 22.06.2011: Create QR Codes of shortened URLs.
  • 03.04.2011: Support for URL shortening added using jsonlib.
  • 15.01.2011: Support for removed.
  • 13.02.2010: Support for Conversion Attribution added. A conversion can be attributed to the First Click if you want, and not the last one (which is default in Google Analytics). This is done by adding the parameter utm_nooverride=1 to the campaign URL.
    See this help information from Google for more information.
  • 13.02.2010: Support for Parameter Separator added. # (hash) separator can be used instead of ? (question mark) in the Campaign URL. This is a more SEO friendly solution. See Google for information about implementation.
  • 09.12.2009: URL shortening with added. If you are using my previous version update your bookmark since the new version is having a larger window size.

Some final words

If you find my Google Analytics Campaign URL builder tool useful, please rate it in the Google Analytics App Gallery.

If you have any comments or suggestions, I appreciate your feedback.

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  • Daniel Kafka
  • 9/2/2009 12:02:16 AM

pretty nice tool. I'd like to suggest some further inprovement:

1. URL encoding: the URL generated by this tool ends like this:

Thank's for your feedback Daniel.

I haven't experienced that problem myself, but I will look into your suggestion as soon as I find some spare time.
Works like a beauty on MAC too.[:)
Good to hear Maarten.

I have BTW added URL shortener to the tool today since this is probably the most used URL shortener.
Support for Parameter Separator and Conversion Attribution added.

This is also added to the Excel sheet. Information about the Excel solution is found in the Excel sheet.
Really happy with this tool, was wishing someone had developed something like this! Many thanks Smil

For the people struggling with the translation, one word: Ubiquity (it's a Firefox plugin) and works like a charm translating websites.

Support for QR Codes added for shortened URLs to my Google Analytics Campaign URL Tool. This is a soft lauch, so if you find any errors please let me know.

Some changes to the layout has also been made. If buttons don't have icons, refresh the page/tool.
  • mwestenburg
  • 8/4/2011 8:30:14 PM
awesome potential for a one-stop shop here. two requests, though:

1. please update to include all of the google URL builder fields (source/medium/term/campaign name/content).

2. is there any way to automatically generate or pull the QR code instead of generating another code based on the longer, built URL?

Hi and thanks for your feedback.

1. The only part missing is term. I have added that to the tool now.

I had to increase the height of the URL Builder, so please update the Google Analytics URL builder link with the new one (the link in the article has been updated to the new version).

2. Could you please elaborate this question? I'm not sure I quite understand exactly how you want this process to work.

  • PurpleFizz
  • 9/6/2011 1:50:19 PM
I believe the OP was referring to the generated qr codes. Add a '.qr' to the end of any shortened url to see the short url QR code (and a jab at google's balls).

Nice tool.
Thanks for your feedback, PurpleFizz.
Of course, that was what he meant. Didn't think of using the specific QR code for URLs shortend with

If this is something that people want, I will try to fit it into my solution.

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