How to track Google SearchWiki with Google Analytics

First, the title on this blog post could also been How to track Full Referral Path with Google Analytics, because this Google Analytics filter will also do that. The reason for the SearchWiki approach, is simply that I saw Danny Sullivan and somebody else asking this question on Twitter.

First, just to avoid any confusion. Below is a SearchWiki result, and visitors from All SearchWiki notes will send a referring URL containing the parameter swm=2, or if they comes from their own SearchWiki notes the referring URL will contain reviews/w?c.

Google SearchWiki result page

If you aren't familiar with what Google SearchWiki is, you find a video below explaining it.

Since the solution to track SearchWiki is to do some advanced filtering, it will only show full referral path for your future visitors. To my Norwegian visitors, I have explained this filter in an earlier Norwegian blog post.

Google Analytics filter for Tracking full Referral URL (and SearchWiki)

Google Analytics - Show full Referral Path filter

If you don't want to track search engine referrals, change Campaign Medium from (^referral$)|(^organic$) to ^referral$ (but then you will not be able to track SearchWiki visitors).

The screenshow below shows a visitor that came from All SearchWiki notes. As you can see this is reported as an Ad Version. If you are doing PPC or are tracking Advertising Campaigns in Google Analytics, it can be wise to track search engine referrals in a separate profile to avoid cluttering your real Ad Content reports.

Google Analytics - SearchWiki visitor

Since the report above doesn't tell you much about this visitor, it can be handy to create a Advanced Segment to be able to segment your SearchWiki visitors.

Google Analytics Advanced Segment - SearchWiki

If you look around on my site you have probably noticed that everything else is written in Norwegian. I normally don't blog in English, (I have only wrote one article before about "my" YouTube Chromeless Player with Google Analytics Event Tracking) but since this article is more relevant for visitors from the USA (SearchWiki isn't launched in Norway) it's natural that it's written in english. Since this blog normally is in Norwegian, and I haven't had time to implement a multilingual blog system, you find some explanations of how to comment below:

Click "Legg til kommentar" below. Than fill out your name (Navn), e-mail (Epost) and your website (Ditt nettsted) if you have a website. HTML formatting doesn't work in my comment field, use BBCode formatting instead. You can drag the comment field around if you want to. If you want to preview what you have written, click on "Forhåndsvis". When you are done and want to save your comment, click on "Lagre". If you haven't had any comments approved on this blog before, I will have to approve your comment manually.

There are also some comments about my Google Analytics/SearchWiki article over at Sphinn.

If you see any improvements to the solution, or have anything else you would add, please leave a comment below.

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